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One of the best programs of it's kind. I have been an avid user for many years, and this has always been the go to program for me when it comes to downloading from newsgroups!

--A. Tate, Lexington, KY>
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Handy newsgroup reader, with support for any standard news server, even with SSL support (which gives extra security), the functions provided makes Binary Boy a complete and powerful News Reader recommended for both beginners and experienced users.

-- FreeSharewareDepot
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Binary Boy comes as a useful and advanced universal newsreader that makes newsgroup downloading quick and convenient.

-- Fernando, Michiagan
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Excellent reader with a capability of downloading files and other nice features. A 5-Star product.

--Alex, editor at
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24/7/365! I've lost track of how many years I've been using BB, but it has to be over 5 years. Rock solid, tight, and less expensive than a week of Starbuck's coffee. The most consistant performing and useful piece of software I have ever owned.

--E. S. California, USA
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Binary boy is an award-winning yEnc- and NZB-compliant newsreader with a number of features that will turn your daily news reading into something worth getting up 15 minutes earlier than usual.
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I have been using this software for many years. And it works 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year so that the unit price would be extremely inexpensive. Customer service is very good, too.

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Binary Boy allows me to download tons of files even when I'm not home. This tool is essential for anyone who wants to collect pictures and music files.

--Jan, Holland
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I've used Binary Boy since its early days. I'm 10 computers later, and it still is one of the first things I install. By far, there's nothing that touches this awesome piece of software.

--Scott MacDonald, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Binary Boy is the most easiest and best Newsgroup reader available. I've been using it for over 5 years and have tried some others, but this is the best by far.

--K. Ohler, Fairfield, Ohio
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I would definately reccomend Binary Boy to anyone. The screen shots and tutorial make the setup a breeze. The ease of use is the greatest feature. I was able to get started with Binary boy easily with my account. I am pretty new to Usenet so easy use helped me a lot. Thanks and keep up the good work.

--K Swan, Boise, ID
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Hey man,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say "thanks" for such an awsome little binary grabber. This is just too easy to use, and from a blindness perspective kicks serious ass!

I've found you to be quick in responding to problems, and utterly professional in all things.

--Richard F Claypool
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I have been using Binary Boy for a few years now. I have 'had a look' at other newsreaders, but nothing comes close to this great and fun to use product. Very impressed!!!

--Nick Presland, Southern England
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Even after switching to Linux I still use Binary Boy. There is just nothing else like it.

--Cincinnati, OH
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Binary Boy is the easiest tool we have found on the Internet for managing binary downloads.

With an easy to configure interface, you will be accessing files in no time.

As another software development company, we can appreciate the care that was put into making this tool an excellent asset to your web utilities list.

The free trial is an excellent deal, but we recommend purchasing the product for its low price. The extra features from registering are excellent.

--Bebos Inc. Northwest Indiana
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I'm never one to just buy the first thing I see -- I always do research/homework on what I want to get. I tried about 10 binary extractors both shareware and freeware before deciding on BB.

It basically came down to one other app and Binary Boy; but BB's functionality is far and above anything else that I used during the trial periods, so it won out, of course.

Since I bought the full version of BB, it has performed quite well, and I am continually finding it has way more features than I originally bought it for. It makes isolating and downloading those zillion-part files a snap!

", "

This software has made me a true believer in shareware! The continuous updates are great and show that the developer really cares about about the needs of customers.

--Wilson, Florida USA
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I tried out Binary Boy last night under Linux and it works like a charm! [...] You can install Binary boy (easily) throught he use of WINE. [...]

To be honest I tried using a couple of other program that worked with NZB format before yours because I had never heard of Binary Boy. They all failed except yours. I am also surprised how easy yours is to use. Nice work! [...]

Thank you so much.

--Michael N.
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I've been using Binary Boy PRO for years. It's the best out there both performance wise and with regard to service after the sale. Almost instant feedback any time I've contacted Howard.

--Tim Gorman Martinez CA
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First of all, my complements for the betas. Yes, a lot of work, imho. Hard work, i know.

I'm an italian programmer and, yes, i'm happy to see there is, finally, a 'not slow' newsreader.

And a good decoder/viewer too! I really enjoy reading all in real relax, without waiting for the crash. It really deserves my seal of approval.

Ah, by the way, what about just more colors?

--Ivan Pezzei, Verona, Italy
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The old saying will have to be changed to "The best thing since Binary Boy".

I'm a karaoke collector, and it has allowed me to amass a collection that borders on obscene for size. What used to take days and days of work and effort to find and assemble is now automated to one quick and easy step.

Using the filters, and history of already downloaded files, I've saved uncountable gigabytes by not downloading stuff I already have.

This is the best purchase I've made in a long time. Binary Boy has no competitors in the field of file finders. If it wasn't for the fact it'd be weird and creepy, I'd set up a small shrine to BB in my living room to give it the honors it deserves!!

--G. Bestwick, Nanaimo, BC
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All I can say is I have been using binary boy for a LONG time. I have tried the many others and BB is the only one that has met every need I have. Also, I have yet to find software like this where the author has been so cool. When Yenc hit the scene, BB was right there, first to be able to handle yenc. The author deserves a big thanks for the work he puts into this on a daily basis.

--Rich Blaine, Illinois, USA
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I have been a dual platform user (Macintosh and Windows) for years and have used my Mac to access Usenet Groups for years until Yenc came upon us and I had to look into the world of PC based newsgroup readers which handle this format better. Now don't take this as an insult for I know how touchy PC programmers can be, but Binary Boy Pro is the closest program for ease of use to any MAC newsreader I have ever used and more efficient. From a MAC geek, that is high praise.

--A. Bolmarcich, Norristown, PA
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I like it. It works good. Try it. You will like it.

Bear of the Woods, Cave, NY
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I began using Binary Boy quite some time back. Then I began trying out other downloaders to see what was available out there. I ended coming back to BB. Of the half dozen or so other programs I tested, it ended up being the best.

--D. King, Upper Sandusky, OH
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Binary Boy is one of the best written, most useful pieces of software I have bought in years. Each problem I've had has turned out to be caused by my system or its settings, not the software. I was frustrated when so many files started appearing as "yEnc" and just filtered them out. When I decided I was missing out on things I wanted to download I just checked the website and the Binary Boy upgrade was ready and waiting. My experience has been all positive and quite pleasant; just thought you'd like to know.

--Rick Myler, Texas
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All I can say is..... Words aren't enough, if it wasn't for BB, I wouldn't have bothered with Usenet. And the wonderful things I can say about Howard, the maker. He's there to answer, help, fix, add new features..... He's just there, everyday, everytime. Whenever you e-mail him, he's just there. Thank you, Howard.

--Mickey, Ontario, Canada
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Binary Boy is the best newsgoup file downloader available. I've tried the very expensive competition and much prefer Binary Boy Pro's no-nonsense approach and hassle-free interface.

When it comes to leeching a full CD image or hundreds of picture files to sift through later when I get back home, Binary Boy is the way to go.

The advanced features, especially the newer BBNet available in the Beta Builds are unique for usenet utilities. I'd recommend Binary Boy for newbies and experts alike, and the bargain price for the Pro package leaves you feeling like you got MORE than your money's worth!

--Richard Litke, Hamilton, ON
", "

The greatest among all the truly great features of Binary Boy is the "twit file", since the world appears to overflow with twits! Used with the history record, this helps me avoid a lot of unnecessary downloading! Thanks.

--D. Dark, NYC, NY
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Binary Boy is simply the best Usenet binary downloader I've ever tried and the only one I've ever kept and paid for. If you're serious about downloading tons of binary files from Usenet this is definitely the program to buy. The author is constantly working on the program and he is very responsive to user suggestions. Binary Boy combines a lot of power under the hood with an easy to use interface. I have been totally blind since birth and this program is highly accessible for users of screen reading programs. Although I believe I am the only blind user of the program the author has still kept my needs in mind. Very few programmers will stand behind their software like that.

--Bob Kanish, San Diego, CA
", "

Just wanted to say this program gets better every single build. Making every build adhere to the current list of customers wishes. This is by far one of the best programs in general I've ever used, and the support is exceptional.

--D. Howard, Philadelphia, PA
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I wish I could be more original, but about all I can contribute is to "second" the comments already published here. I am a rank amateur when it comes to downloading, reassembling from newsgroups but at the very least, BB allows me to get wind up with files on my harddrive that I can either view or listen to. Imagine what I'll be able to accomplish when I learn what I'm doing!

--Richard Earl, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
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I am an avid OTR (old time radio) show collector, and I just give Binary Boy Pro my list of artists, shows, etc. and let it download and assemble the MP3s.

The absolutely best feature for me is the ability to assemble binaries collected from multiple servers. I have a schedule that starts BB on my free service at 1 AM and then a second that starts BB an hour later on the pay-as-I-go service to fill the missing segments.

The only downside is that BB has exceeded the 500 Mbyte per day download cap (on the pay service) more times than I can count!

Binary Boy Pro is worth every penny!

NH, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Ich kann das Programm nur empfehlen. Wer aus Deutschland die 10$ Bearbeitungsgebühr, bei der Banküberweisung sparen möchte, kann das Programm auch über bestellen. Bei eventuellen Problemen antwortet der Autor sofort. Ich habe keine 30 min warten müssen....super! :-) Also wie gesagt, das Programm ist sein Geld werd und eine Bestellung lohnt sich.

--D. Pengel, Germany
", "

I have used every other newsreader on the market. Binary boy is the BEST, hands down! I have been using it for what seems 4 years. Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful piece of software, worth every penny.

--Erik, Tampa
", "

This is the shiznit, I love it it is easy and simple to use just point click download done movies programs songs albums whatever thank you binary boy for thinking of us simple computer users

--joey kankakee, illinois
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Binary Boy est un super program très simple d'emploi et très facile à étendre au moyen de plugins. En cas de problème la hot line assure une réponse rapide et de qualité.

A super program, very simple and easy to use. If there is a problem (but Is there a problem) a very quick answer is given.

BB is very to use to extend with plugins.

--Philippe RIO, France, Arbois
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