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Locks up in group

There seem to be some messages in the group that are locking up my fresh new copy of Binary Boy Pro v1.91. When searching, it appears to stop working as it hits this group and after letting it sit for twenty minutes or so, it has made no progress (WinXP reports that it is Not responding). If I skip that group in my search, things go on just fine. Should I install one of the betas?


BinaryBoy's reply to NAHurry #27 @

The fastest way to find the cause of a repeatable lock up or crash is is to enable the log file. To enable the log, run Binary Boy from the Windows Start | Run window like this: binboy.exe -log -ilog -declog

That will write its progress to log.txt in the Binary Boy folder. Send this file or at least the last few lines to [email][/email] and I'll try to figure out what it was doing right before it froze.