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I'm having a problem filtering *.html files.

I'd like to receive all files except for *.txt, *.exe, and *.html. So, I set my Global Search String to "*", and my Global Filter String to "*.txt, *.exe, *.html" (both without the quotes).

The txt and exe files seem to get filtered, but I'm still getting html files. What am I doing wrong?

BinaryBoy's reply to Stoner #60 @

Your filter looks ok except you're allowing .htm files.

I poked around the code and found a potential problem that may explain .html files slipping by. If a MIME attachment has no name, Binary Boy will give it the name NONAME and an appropriate extension such as .html. This filename bypassed the global filter. There's a new build at that should fix the problem.

Stoner's reply to Stoner #64 @

Thanks for the prompt response!

The html files I'm receiving seem to have a real filename, but I installed build 616, and will let you know if it's still an issue.

Regarding .htm files, can I wildcard a filter to kill two birds with one stone (like "*.htm*"), or do I need two entries?

Also, does the filter apply to the message subject, the attachment's name, or both? I think I've previously not used filters because it seemed like any message subject that matched the filter was skipped, when I only wanted matching attachment names skipped.

BinaryBoy's reply to Stoner #65 @

Binary Boy will find a word anywhere in the subject so you don't need wildcards on the ends. For example, you can filter on .htm and it will catch both .htm files and .html files.

Normal filters and search strings apply only to subjects. The Header Filter applies to every line in the header (From, Subject, etc..) as well as the final decoded attachment filename.

If the filename in a subject differs from the actual filename, it won't be caught until the complete file is decoded. At that point, the header filter will catch it. So try moving your filter information from the global filter to the header filter. If you still get .html files, you can point me to a newsgroup if you like and I'll try to reproduce the problem. You can write to me at [email][/email]