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Auto Shutdown

Binary Boy has an "auto disconnect" feature that works great for us dial-up users.

What do you think about adding an "auto shutdown" option too? It would be great to have the option to shutdown your PC following a disconnect. Or you could add an option to run a particular program upon disconnect and that program could be one of the many already available shutdown programs.

How about it? Would any of you other users like to have this feature also?

BinaryBoy's reply to Frachus #7 @

Two command-line switches combined might do what you want. -Close exits the program after a search and -ExitWindows shuts down the computer after Binary Boy closes.

From the Windows Start | Run window, enter <B>binboy.exe -close -ExitWindows</B>

Frachus's reply to Frachus #8 @

Thanks for pointing this out. It's easy to forget the functionality of the command line. I didn't even think to check those options.

Once again, Binary Boy has proven to be an outstanding piece of software!