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Mangled scheduled searches

Am I the only one who has found that every once in a while one of my nightly scheduled searches will get the search term mangled? Last night one got mangled to just "e" and thus matched almost every post in every group, downloding junk until I was out of disk space. This happens periodically and now I am wondering if the seraches get mangled a lot but usually to something which doesn't match so I don't notice it.

Other than the occasional glitch, unlike the other message poster in this forum I find BB works wuite well. Thanks!

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That's a new one.

The group list editor loses search strings and other info when certain other apps are running. I wonder if it's a similar conflict. Are you running WindowBlinds or any remote control apps such as VNC?

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Yes, I am indeed running VNC, so that is probably it. Any way around it?

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Originally posted by alamo
Yes, I am indeed running VNC, so that is probably it. Any way around it?

The problem happens during the save. Binary Boy is unable to retrieve the text from the window so you end up with lost info. You could try editing your schedule on the local computer and then transfer the binboy.sch file to the remote computer.

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I also just verified that Microsoft Office XP's Startup program also causes the same problem as with WindowBlinds or VNC. This program (OSA.EXE) is automatically installed with Office, which places a shortcut in Start / All Programs / Startup / Microsoft Office.

According to the MSKB article Q290144: "You can safely remove the Osa.exe file without causing the Office XP programs to fail. However, if you remove Osa.exe, you no longer benefit from the performance advantages that are provided by running Osa.exe. Also, the Office Shortcut Bar (OSB) may no longer start automatically, if you configured the OSB to start when Windows starts. (See the notes for the command-line switches later in this article.)"

So, if you don't mind the performance hit, it's probably easiest to just remove "Microsoft Office" from the startup folder. Personally, I just boot in safe mode when I need to edit groups lists.

Of course, it would be nice if MS and BB just learned to play together better :)

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Originally posted by Stoner
Of course, it would be nice if MS and BB just learned to play together better :)

Have the search/filter fields on the Search tab ever disappeared?

Unfortunately right now I only know that there's a conflict. I still don't know why the problem happens exactly.

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No, the contents of the Search/Filter fields just appear highlighted, as if they were selected, so I have to be a bit careful to not hit any keys until I click somewhere else.

My only problem appears to be with the Group List editor not saving and/or deleting fields (with Office Startup running).

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I did finally figure out what this problem was (for me). It had nothing to do with the group list or schedule editor.

It seems to be a side effect of a known bit of strangeness: that when a scheduled search starts up it grabs the focus. If I happen to be on the computer and typing at that moment, my keystrokes replace the search string that was scheduled.

The typical result of this was that 1 character's worth of typing became the search, and matched almost everything so it kept downloading until my harddrive was full. I finally realized what was happening when an entire word I was typing was captured.