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Searching Newsgroups

I often search newsgroups on different servers for files that, for some unknown reason, aren't available on the server that I normally use for that particular newsgroup. (I'm baffled by the fact that multiple servers can carry the same newsgroup, but not have the same (current) files available!)

When I use BinaryBoy for these "global" searches, it can take quite a while to download all the headers (with Starting Point = All). The problem is that it doesn't seem to save the headers for future searches, so it re-downloads all of them each time I seach. I have "Cache subjects on disk" enabled, but it doesn't seem to apply to these types of searches.

Is there a way to have BinaryBoy save these header/subject downloads, and only update them with new entries for searches?

BinaryBoy's reply to Stoner #81 @

Binary Boy uses the cache only when the new subjects are contiguous with the stored ones. If the new subjects would create a gap, it throws out the old ones.

If you want to search cached subjects without downloading, right-click on the Refresh button.